Contemplating Doorways (A Penchant for Questions)


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt resonated with me.  We were invited to construct a poem where each sentence was in the form of a question, except for the last one. Ask a bunch of questions?  Heck yeah!  I love questions.  I see them as open doorways to new experiences.  If we have the courage to step through the doorway, we might discover another world just beyond the threshold.  Here are some doorways I’m contemplating tonight…

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Contemplating Doorways

What do I write when I’m too tired to think?
Why have I made this decision to show up again for my writing practice?
Where will this practice lead?
Is it worth it?
My teacher told me that trying to accomplish too many things makes none of them good–
but is this true?
Couldn’t there be some good in this writing, even if I’m tired?
Could my thoughts rise up in some small glory, even if I think I can’t think?
And just who is the thinker of these thoughts?
Who moves my fingers across the keys?
Who chooses these words?
Who decides upon each letter, each punctuation mark?

Enough about my writing, what about my meditation practice?

I’d like to think that my meditation sessions, taken all together,
add up to some good.
So even if when I sit tonight all I do is try to stay awake,
even then, won’t that moment of showing up for meditation,
won’t that count in some small, beautiful way?
Isn’t beauty found in the smallest of details?

Enough about meditation, what about the moon?

I look for the full moon shining in her beauty–but where is she?
Concealed by the clouds, she doesn’t fret…
I hear she will be eclipsed tonight, but does she worry?
She doesn’t.
She reflects the light sent to her,
and accepts the shadows cast upon her
with equal calmness.
Could I do the same?
Light and shadow, two faces of the same coin–
could one exist without the other?
And what questions will go unasked
as I decide to end this poem?

Enough of these questions, how about some answers?

I have no answers, only more questions,
glowing in my universal mind
like a galaxy comprised of four billion stars.
In my youth the lack of answers used to feel discouraging.
But now I’ve lived long enough to realize that it is
only is recognizing that I don’t know
that I give myself the chance to one day know.
Each question is a doorway to another world,
and I have asked many tonight.
Maybe I will step through some of these doorways in my dreams
and awaken with even more questions to ask,
even more worlds to explore.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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