Breathing Meditation & Allow the Darkness In


Breathing in I feel gratitude;
breathing out I give thanks.

Breathing in I invite kindness;
breathing out I am kind.

Breathing in I feel loved;
breathing out I offer love.

Breathing in I know compassion;
breathing out I am compassion.

Breathing in I feel joy;
breathing out I celebrate.

Breathing in I am still;
breathing out I am at peace.

(The above poem was inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh; I found it printed on a cloth at a book store years ago.)


I’m in a funk today.
Was it something I ate?
Have I not gotten enough sleep?
Is my system thrown off from not teaching my classes last night?
Does there have to be a reason?

Maybe the suffering comes from resisting the darkness.
Maybe if I allow the darkness in,
it might show me what it is I need to know right now.

Dear God, give me the courage to let the darkness in.
As summer gives way to fall,
sometimes my joyful nature must make room for sadness,
all of nature seeking harmony, seeking balance.

2 responses »

  1. I’ve been looking at the darkness as well, an emotional pain manifesting as a physical pain, and learned a thing or two about myself. Another lovely, thoughtful post and, as always, I’m inspired to breathe and let go.

    • Willow, I admire the courage in you that allows you to look at the darkness! This darkness is something that many of us have resisted or rejected for a long time; to be with it, embrace it, and learn from it–this takes some will.

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