The Great Mirror of Existence


These days
when energy seems scarce
and the demands placed on it
seem to be increasing,

I am grateful for little moments of rest,
of non-action,
of just being in this moment
and savoring what I have.

I don’t need to understand every single thing.
If I have one purpose in this life,
it is to awaken to this moment
and to love it with all of my being.

If I profess to understand anything,
then doesn’t my understanding
cover the essence of now
in a mask of presumption?

I presume to know nothing
and allow myself to see like a child.

Knowing that I don’t know,
my eyes are bright and open
and I look,
heart beating
lungs breathing,
into the great mirror of existence.

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    • Thank you Sabra! The collective energy of all of those attempting to walk the path of awakening will help us when we falter on our individual life path. I wish great success for you also!

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