Let’s Do Our Job


It occurred to me tonight
as I invoked the muses before writing,
that yes,
it is nice to have divine inspiration,
but it can’t do much if we don’t receive
what it is we are asking for.

Let’s get clear on what we want:


and then let us receive these things we ask for,
by breathing in deeply.

Then feeling the existence of these wondrous qualities within us,
let us share them with all beings
by giving of ourselves,
breathing out completely.

Yes, invoke divine beings–
angels, teachers, guides,
but then let’s do our job too.

Let’s Breathe.

4 responses »

  1. I love your list of what we want–it’s so true! And when we think we want something else, maybe a possession or experience, it’s more than likely what we really want, what we hope to get from whatever it is, is on that list!

    • Yes, thank you for that insight! We don’t really need the shoes or the particular car or television or smartphone…it’s the feeling that we have when we experiencing getting something that we want that is so seductive. But this feeling is short-lived, which is why we always have to find something else to want. Here’s to refocusing ourselves on what is timeless, eternal, and creating our life’s meaning with the palette of those qualities.

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