You Are Love


Dear Friend,

I love you. You try so hard to be good, and you already ARE good.  You easily extend lovingkindness to others, now it is time to give this same lovingkindness to yourself.  You are loved so much more than your rational mind can fathom…so take a moment and put your rational mind down, let it rest on the waves of your breath.

Love is what made you,
this world,
the sun, moon, stars, planets,
forests, mountains, trees, and animals.

Love is what keeps all particles,
all atoms,
circling one another,
orbiting in this dance of attraction;
it holds these atoms together
as they join into molecules
as molecules join
into measurable substance–

Your body,
your brain,
your flesh, blood, bones,
love is what holds
all of these parts of you together
that you might be you.

Love is the force of change
that reminds you to breathe
when suddenly you realize
you have been holding your breath.

Love is the awareness that
chooses to breathe
once you remember
that deep, conscious breathing
is a choice.

Love is the discernment
that chooses the breath over neurotic thinking;
it is the steady hand
that pulls you up
out of the pit of dark thoughts
when you have fallen in
and can’t find a way out.

Love is the force
that turns the earth
that we may witness
a sunrise each morning
and a sunset each evening.

It is the ability and the willingness
to forgive yourself
when you don’t believe you can.

It is the nurturing voice
within you
that reminds you
to take care of yourself,
the power in your stomach
to digest and absorb nutrients from your food.

Love is in your feet
when they walk you away from harm,
in your feet
when they walk you toward a friend.

Love is everywhere
Everywhere you are love
Everywhere love is you.

Love is the hand
that keeps writing your truth
The voice
that keeps speaking your truth
The body
that keeps dancing your truth
when the fearful one within
demands that you stop.

It is the laughter you muster
when the fearful one tries
to convince you
that you can do nothing right.

Love is the hope,
the trust,
the realization,
that everything is unfolding as it should.

It is the settling into stillness
at the end of a long day
and the permission
to let go completely.

You are love, 

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  1. I LOVE this! The lovingkindness and insight flowing through your wonderful words are such gifts. Here’s to keeping on writing even ‘when the fearful one within demands that you stop’…

    • Thank you Theresa! Your post on uncertainty helped these words come to me…also the fact that my fearful one is present almost always, and your sharing about your misgivings reminded me how ubiquitous the fearful one is. Thanks again for reading!

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