Permission to Make Mistakes


I thought I could do it.
I sat there, and tried to sew that zipper
into a skirt I’m making.
But it didn’t work,
and I was tired,
and I had to rip all the seams out.
I felt myself growing frustrated.
It was late.
I knew it was time to stop.

The part of me that likes
to criticize and to belittle
any creative endeavors I attempt
was having a grand old time
saying, “I told you so,”
as I put the project away
for tomorrow.

But there’s another part of me.
And this part said,
“Go on and rest. You can finish this tomorrow.”
And it reassured me.
It said, “You are learning! Your mistakes are your teachers.”

I like listening to this part.
I can relax, and enjoy the process
instead of becoming fixated on the result
and dissatisfied when it doesn’t arrive quickly.

You have permission
to not be perfect.
You have permission
to take your time.
You have permission 
to make mistakes.
And this life will give you ample opportunities
to try, try again.

So capitalize on this chance to learn
and spend your whole life learning,
and you will find that life is never dull.
Every time you fall
Your wings grow stronger.

One day you will fly…

6 responses »

  1. You’re on the zipper already???!!! That’s amazing – you are incredible! It has taken me so long just to pin out and cut out, I haven’t even started stitching yet! Credit to you for trying something new, teaching yourself and making it happen! Hooray for making mistakes – if we got it right the first time, it could just be luck. When we get it right the second time it’s because we’ve learned. Post pictures please!!

    • I’m doing a Craftsy class, so I can watch whenever I have the time, a few minutes here and there. I have made quilts and eye pillows, and I used to be an avid knitter, so I can conceptualize the whole process of cutting, pinning, etc. quite quickly. But dang…is the process involved, especially when I have an inner tyrant jibber jabbering in my ear about how I’m going to fail. Ahh well, learning how to love this part of myself too. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get the waistband done! Are you having fun with your sewing? Do you have a space to leave your sewing stuff where it won’t be attacked by the children?

  2. Your sewing story sounds so familiar 🙂 I used to sew, but finally had to admit to myself that I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t any more. I’m currently learning how to use a fancy-dancy cell phone–I just had a minimalist one before, so all the options and techniques, etc, are new to me, but I’m slowly catching on–plenty of swear words along the way. But I do keep telling myself, “I’m just learning; I’ll get the hang of it soon and actually join the 21st century!”

    • Yes! And sometimes it takes time to learn…how do we become so impatient with ourselves? Good for you to figure out the “fancy-fancy” cell phone 😀

  3. Yep, I love that second gentle, accepting, WISE voice, Lorien. Let’s make a pact: we will both listen to those voices we have a let go, let go, of the belittling, overly critical one that we don’t (often) use for anyone but ourselves. Deal? Thank you for the inspiration. Sew on!! xxo

    • Yes Chloe, DEAL! Sometimes I see the critical one as a child who needs some love and attention. That is, if I can see past the sting and look straight into the heart of the matter. Sometimes I get caught up in the sting, and that can be so painful– listening to the voice that tells me I’m not good enough. With support and camaraderie with good souls like you, I feel strong enough to meet the critic with compassion, and disregard its commands to quit. Thank you friend for your inspiration!

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