Swirls of Thoughts


Many thoughts, swirls of thoughts
then remembering what is real.
I take a breath, then another,
close my eyes…what do I feel?


Only thirteen days until my workshop and I’m now feeling pressed to have everything be more concrete, to find a logical flow and sequence to the material I am presenting, and to make sure that I meet the needs of the workshop attendees–who will certainly arrive in many different shapes and sizes, different ages, different motivations…I’m planning on doing my best to appeal to the various learning styles, and I’m wanting to provide ample time for movement so that no one starts to feel achey or bored or sleepy. I am excited and at the same time overwhelmed.  How can I distill these precious teachings given to us by centuries of wise and compassionate masters into a form that is palatable to today’s western mind?  How can I present the material in such a way that my students will want to continue learning and practicing after the workshop is over?  

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  1. My friend and teacher, yoga is both an invitation and a mirror. Different learners yes, and different styles. But the invitation is the same. The same invitation you heard and have responded to wholeheartedly and with passion.. Enter into the invitation and the wisdom will speak the language of each heart.

    • Oh Beth, thank you for the reminder! When I get caught up in my own story, when I think it is my identity that is doing the work, then I feel small, not up to the task. But when I allow my identity to be absorbed into the ocean of being, and see the connection that I have with ALL THAT IS, I cannot help but experience peace. Yes, I will enter into the invitation, speak from my heart…all is well. Thank you friend.

  2. I’ve just started yoga (relatively) recently, and the things you’re expressing show that you’ll be super sensitive to your less experienced students, You’ll do great 🙂 Wish I was close enough to try a class with you!

    • Thank you Shireen. And I hope someday you will be able to try a class with me. 🙂 One of my visions is to take my teachings on the road and share share share with lovely souls everywhere.

    • Thank you for the reminder to breathe Chloe…funny how I spend my time doing that for others yet I still need others to do that for me! So thank you, friend.

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