I Take My Hat Off


Taking my hat off
and bowing low
to the single parents out there
who keep it together
day after day.
How do they do it?
How do they get their own needs met?

Today was an exceptional day–
I wasn’t able to find childcare
so that I could teach my evening yoga class
and was longingly thinking of my students
when 6pm rolled around and it was time
to concoct some kind of reasonably healthy meal for the kids.

In addition to not getting my normal time out
for teaching
(and interacting with adults)
my husband had plans to meet a friend
after work…
So not only did I not get to leave the house,
but my back up was not going to arrive in the normal time frame.

Eight hours, just me and the kids.
I watched myself grow more tired as the day wore on
My fuse was shorter
I even felt some resentment creeping in.
I caught myself snapping at my kids
and immediately apologized.

And then I wondered about the single parents.
How do they do it?
How do they keep their cool
and raise healthy, well-adjusted children?

I take off my hat and bow low to you,
and acknowledge that finding balance
in your busy life is no small feat.

After eight hours of tasting single parenthood,
I’m in awe of those whose love
shines more clearly
than the stress, the fatigue, the isolation.

Single parents,
I take my hat off to you.
And I thank you for all that you do.

4 responses »

  1. I’ve got a bout of single parenting coming up…my husband leaves today for 7 days. It’s exhausting and I lose my patience, but I build in time to take care of myself — to recharge — so I have more to give my kids. Otherwise, I’d go mad…and I can completely relate to your situation of losing out on your adult time…that would push me to my edge as well.

    • I feel you mama! I’ll be thinking of you as you step even more fully into your power as mother, as woman, as a being—and as you take care of yourself, making sure that your needs are met so that you will be able to meet the needs of your children. Hot baths, yoga class, extra rest, healthy meals, lots of water! Big hugs, Elysha. Thank you for sharing your insight here.

  2. Although I never had children, I’ve often wondered too how single parents do it–it sounds like a life of almost constant self-sacrifice and I have so much admiration for them!

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