Keep Digging


Ah, there it is again,
the hope that I am seen and heard and understood.
I suppose it is a human predicament,
normal and natural,
this wanting to be recognized and valued.

I log in to my WordPress account tonight
with the same anticipation I have every night–
looking for comments,
looking at the site traffic,

And then the comparing of myself
to other bloggers,
well-established folks with thousands of followers,
wondering if I will ever know such success.

And what is success anyway?
Is it lots of followers,
lots of friends, clients,
lots of money, toys?

Or maybe it is something different.

And why after all this time
do I look for external validation
when the real treasure lies within–
waiting to be claimed?

Maybe I just need to dig a little further.

If you don’t strike gold after the first 
few blows of the pickaxe,
don’t slam your tools down in frustration!

Keep digging,
and eventually the excavation work
will lead you back home to the self
that was always there, 
just waiting for you 
to merge with it,
and to become absorbed in the infinite ocean of being.

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