Smile and Get On With It


I sewed through the night
to finish my son’s Halloween costume,
went to bed this morning at 5:30 and
Awoke at 7, needing to get the kids going for school.

I couldn’t wait to see my little guy
in the costume I made him.
After a little coaxing we convinced him to try it on.

Oh dear, it’s a bit long on him..
I might have to hem it so that he does’t
trip over the fabric.
But still, the costume looks great.
And then he decided he didn’t want to wear it.
After staying up half the night to finish the thing
so that he could have it for Halloween,
the dude didn’t want to wear that wizard  costume.

This is how I know meditation
is working:
Before I might have become upset
about working so hard for nothing,
working to the point of exhaustion..

But now I smile and get on with the rest of my life,
with space in my mind to savor what it is that I already I have.

2 responses »

  1. Wow, that’s a very impressive moment of self-transformation! I used to think of transformation only in terms of making a big, permanent change until a friend who was the mother of two young children told me a story involving a bus ride, changing an incredibly messy diaper, and arriving late for an appointment. She was saying how she’d had to get out of the diaper mindset instantly so she could be fully present for the appointment, ending by saying, “Now THAT’S transformation!” It was then I realized that more often transformation is being able to let go of the moment just past and embrace the new one. So I salute you!

    • Thank you Willow for the salute, and for sharing the story about your friend! Motherhood has given me so many opportunities to realize how transformation takes place on the micro level. It has helped me to ease up on the inner perfectionist with the unrealistic expectations, because time and time again I am faced with reality, the reality of a messy house with young children, needing to get somewhere and having to slow down to reassure a child or clean up a mess. Transformation wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying if all we had to do was flip a switch. This way we prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and provide water and light…watching the little sprouts grow, being patient through all the seasons and the storms. Yes, transformation–a process that can take time, and many many small moments. Beautiful.

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