Now It is Mine



Longing for connection
for admiration

More tears
More tears

Oh how these relationships
tear the heart open
no hiding
whatever issue I perceive in my partner
is mirrored back to me
and now it is mine.

4 responses »

  1. Yes my friend, others offer a mirror. But what is yours, what is only yours, is the longing to see, connection, and the willingness to be open in your search for your authentic self. What is not yours are other’s responses. We may falter. We may disappoint ourselves. But other’s responses are not ours. Accept with metta only what is yours. As for the rest, may it rest with metta in the mud that gifts a lotus.

  2. Such a painful situation. It seems like our closest relationships are there for our greatest lessons, but when my husband was still alive, I often found myself wondering, “What IS the lesson here?”

    • Yes…how to stay in tune with your inner wisdom, avoid reactivity, and persevere through the challenges? How to be patient and loving when the other is being reactive and accusatory? It’s wonderful to contemplate peace, but then the peace needs tested. Will it hold up through difficulty and change? I think close relationships provide opportunities to put into practice what we can easily grasp in our minds.

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