En bref


The French have an expression
“En bref”
to mean that what they are about to
say is a summation of an experience.
It is our version of
“To make a long story short,”
or “To sum up…”
or “To be brief…”

En bref,
today was a long, beautiful day,
and I am grateful to be alive.

6 responses »

    • Yes, Vincent, yes! I’m ready to slow down after a hectic weekend…I think slowing down is a way to experience days as long and beautiful. In a society that is encouraged to hurry hurry hurry, slowing down is an act of rebellion…and an act of self-preservation.

    • Thank you Willow. I’m grateful for all of these opportunities I have practice peace, kindness, to grow into myself. I see gratitude as a gateway to higher growth.

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