A Few Things I’m Wanting


mountains, trees, streams,
rocks, moss, ferns,
health, deep breathing,
elemental balance,
appreciation for what I have,
movement, dance,
rock climbing,
delicious food,
the ability to direct my life force energy
in service of others to enrich their lives


This evening I was mulling over the idea of signing up for an online business school that one of my teacher colleagues recommended to me one week ago at our teacher training. It’s relatively expensive, and I would certainly need my husband’s agreement before I could make such an investment.

Thinking about this expense, I began asking questions like:

“Will I experience measurable results?”  
“Will I be able to map out a plan for a clear progression in all aspects of my inner and outer worlds?”
“Will I be able to generate greater income that will allow for an abundance of different experiences for myself and my family?”

These questions led me to ponder yet another important question:  “What is it that I really want right now?” The above poem offers some answers to that question, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is just a few little words describing what was on my mind, just a few words revealing what I keep in my heart…

And now I want to know, really I do–What are YOU wanting right now? Do you often ask yourself that question? Have you noticed your desires changing as time passes?  Are there certain among them that remain constant? Tell me!

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  1. Such a wonderful question, “What do I want?” For several months earlier this year, I attended a writing group where we wrote to a few prompts each week, and the last one was always, “What do I want?” It’s so helpful to focus on our desires in a positive way–I think it helps to bring them to fruition. Two current desires of mine are to have a wonderful holiday season: so far, so good. Although one expected invitation to Thanksgiving fell through, another, and frankly better, one came through, plus I just bought tickets to our local Nutcracker and a play at the little theater here. Another desire is for a family of friends, because I don’t have any family members here in the Bay Area. I’m working on that one. Thanks for the reminder to answer yet again the question, “What do I want?”

    • Ah, Willow, you are just so lovely and full of heart. All of your wants sound like the “right” kind, if you can say that there is a right kind…to want connection with others, a wonderful holiday season…it just shows your depth, your soulfulness. Thank you for sharing.

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