Riding the Wave of Gratitude



Riding the collective wave
of gratitude awareness
that many of us shared today,
I opened my journal
and jotted down a few things
for which I am grateful
right now, here, in this moment…
simple things that I often take for granted
because they are a part of my daily life.
It felt good to recognize them,
to feel the surge of appreciation rising in me.

The words came easily
I began to build momentum.
As I identified one thing I love
four more things arose in my consciousness
and I could’ve gone on forever…
maybe I will.

Maybe unlocking the door
to the sanctuary of gratitude
within my heart
will allow waves of appreciation to keep spilling out
over and over again,
as the vast ocean spills her timeless waves of being
onto the shores of our temporal awareness.

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  1. You and I are on that same wavelength again 🙂 After writing my piece yesterday on what I want, I started folding several loads of laundry and my thoughts turned to gratitude. In the UK there’s a radio station I listen to and the “Thought for the Day” piece yesterday morning was presented by a Rabbi who spoke about gratitude. He told the Jewish proverb “when a Jew breaks his leg, he prays to God in gratitude that he didn’t break both his legs, when a Jew breaks both his legs, he prays to God in gratitude that he didn’t break his neck!”. Having just written (so easily!) such a long list of things I want, the meditative folding of laundry must have allowed the Rabbi’s words to come into my conscious brain and to click into place. Today I plan to write an altogether more positive piece, recognising all the good in what I have and what I do. Thank you for your all that you’ve written. Care to share some of the things you jotted down?

    • I love this! Thank you for sharing the Rabbi conversation–it’s brilliant. I thought of you while I folded laundry today. It’s never-ending, and can be heaven or hell depending on our perception of it.

      • Given that it’s a task we do A LOT, I try to see it as a heavenly opportunity for a little break away and I challenge myself to sort it and pack it in the basket in the most efficient way possible, so that I have to use the least amount of energy in my journey around putting things away. Can’t believe I just admitted that here, but there you go!!

      • Haha, you sound so much like me, even with the laundry. I stack things in groups destined to go in specific rooms so that I can put bunches away all at once. It just makes sense; thank you for admitting it here, now I know I’m not the only one!

  2. I went to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and before we ate, we all wrote down various thing we were grateful for and then shared them–really nice. And as you say, we do often take for granted simple things: having a home, being able to buy such a variety of foods, and so on. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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