Nodding Off


in all of its beauty,
its mystery
its rollercoaster rides of ups and down,
life reminds me how far I have come,
and how far I have yet to go.

I’d love to publish
an in-depth exploration,
to include some musings
and insights
from my journal.

But I’m nodding off.
My body is telling me it’s tired,
and because I only have one,
I am going to show it great respect.

So, goodnight friends,
I’m giving myself the gift of rest.

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  1. “The gift of rest,” such a precious gift. I have insomnia and never get all the hours of sleep that ideally I should.Maybe the new gadget I’m getting to neutralize the EMFs in my house will help.

    • Oh, insomnia is horrible. I recommend using your eye pillow when you lay down, and putting a pillow underneath your knees. Listen to a guided meditation through your headphones to relax; if you need any suggestions, let me know. There is a wonderful online meditation community with lots of free guided meditations that are beautiful and helpful. Also, have you tried a daily walking practice, for maybe 20-30 minutes? I have heard that this can help regulate our sleep patterns. Some deep breathing and stretching before bed could be very helpful…Do you ever have caffeine? I would eliminate it if so. A hot epsom salt bath. A cup of chamomile, lavender, rose and valerian tea. Also, take care of my two children for one full day. That will definitely send you flying back to bed and into dreamland in no time! 🙂 I hope you find peaceful slumber, my friend.

      • I go to sleep okay, but then wake up 4-5 hours later and can’t go back to sleep 😦 Thanks for your suggestions. Haven’t had caffeine for years and epsom salts raise my blood pressure, but I’ll look into the other ones. Just today I bought a device that will neutralize all the EMFs flying around my house–I’ll see what that does. Insomnia is one of many problems they can cause.

      • Ah, sounds like you’re on it then. I have heard about EMFs also, and try to keep the electronics out of our bedrooms, and especially away from our heads. How about your bed? Do you have a metal frame or boxspring? I read that metal can conduct EMFs and that beds without are better for restful sleep.

      • Aw…do your dogs wake you up? I find I can’t sleep when I have one of my kids with me. They move around, and I’m always afraid I’m going to roll on them or something.

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