What Lies Beyond


tagore quote art

What are you willing to let go of
so that you have the space to receive all of life,
now, in this moment?

Whatever you cling to
is pale in comparison
to what lies beyond the grasping mind.

Don’t try to make anything happen,
just sit still and breathe.
Feel the deepest peace blossom within you
and the  contentment arising
from your willingness to be present.

Now imagine you carry your
beautiful presence with you,
your shining presence,
wherever you go.

You bless all those you see.
This isn’t a gift that can be bought.
It cannot be sold, possessed, repossessed.
This is a gift beyond what the mind can comprehend.

Just let go now,
whatever you are holding on to
becomes mere dust
when absorbed by what lies beyond it.

You want to offer something special this season?
Bring your presence with you,
and concern yourself not
with anything issuing from
this world of limited understanding;
just let them look at you and see themselves
in the great mirror of infinite awareness,
let them see what lies beyond.


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