Where the Real Work Begins


It can’t be called a real yoga practice
if after an hour and a half of blissful asana
you go around flipping the bird to
unconscious drivers who get in your way.

The real work of yoga begins
when you step off of your mat
and back into your real human life.

When the babysitter doesn’t show up
and you’re scrambling to find a way to get to work
When you’re caught in rush hour traffic
and each intersection is blocked
When you’re sick and dragging yourself around
When you burn the dinner
Or sleep in late
Or don’t get any sleep at all
When you see a person
you don’t get along with too well
When you’re faced with an old fear–

What then?
It is in that place of discomfort,
in that place of old stories and reactivity
that you have the chance to awaken
right now
in this moment

Greet whatever arrives in this moment as a friend
It is all here to help you remember who you are
Step off of the peaceful sanctuary of your mat
and stretch the limits of your personal identity
strengthen your ability to feel compassion for others
balance the events of your outer life
with awareness of your inner world
open to your fullest potential as a human being

Welcome the challenges life presents,
take a deep breath,
and let the real work begin.

8 responses »

    • Thank you so much friend! It’s an honor to have you stop by to read and comment. Staying centered is one of the most intricate dances we can attempt, but I firmly believe that we can all learn the steps if our hearts are in the right place.

  1. Wow, love this! It’s a slow process, but a rewarding one. Just the other day I caught myself about to repeat an old pattern, about to choose to please someone else instead of being true to myself…and didn’t! Hurray for growth! I so appreciate your poetry and other posts which keep reminding me of the path of growth and love that I’m on.

    • Good for you Willow! That’s toughie for me–wanting to please someone while continuing to have a sense of self–how do I do this? I’m grateful for friends like you who have committed to a path, and who understand the struggles associated with this journey. What a relief to not have to know everything, but to know in a deep part of myself that I remain unchanging amidst all of these worldly changes.

    • Yes, isn’t it though? It boggles my mind to think about all of the times that I attempted to create a challenge free life for myself. Would I become bland without the challenges? How can I fully embrace them so that I have the clarity to discern what needs to be done?

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