A Gift to the Whole World


As you step into this moment
can you observe it with all of your faculties?

Can you notice tiny details,
can you see the big picture?

The senses are powerful gateways
that help transport you back to this moment
if your mind has wandered into the illusion of the past
or the fantasy of the future.

Notice the temperature of the air around your skin.
Is there a particular taste in your mouth?
Does your nose detect a certain scent in the air?
What sound vibrations are reaching your ears?
What do you see right now?

Once you’ve called yourself back to this moment
through the gateways of the senses,
can you go a little deeper into your self?

Sit in stillness,
close your eyes,
turn inwards,

What is the mind saying now?
As you watch your thoughts,
can you notice a space between each one,
however tiny it might be?

Our practice teaches us
how to detect the most subtle
changes in our bodyminds.

Are you ready for such clarity?
Summon your courage
and awaken in this moment.
Come home.
Remember who you really are.

You are not just this body
or this mind.
You are infinite awareness,
a gift beyond measure,
a gift to the whole world.

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