Reaching for Peace


If it were as easy as pushing a button
or flicking a switch
the vast majority of us
would choose world peace,
and it would come quickly

but it is precisely the choice of it
that challenges us:
we can’t wait for it to come to us,
in simple packaging
with clear instructions.

we can’t wait for those in power
to come to their senses
and make some honest decisions
for the good of all of life on this planet

if we really want it,
we must choose it
from within ourselves

But sometimes the inner world
is even scarier, more violent, more complex
than this outer world of human dilemmas
economic disparities
differences in class, race, religion,
wars born of greed, of misunderstanding.

Who has the courage to face all of that,
realizing one’s blindness, one’s shortcomings,
coming to terms with past choices
giving rise to present moment experiences,
an often terrifying battle that ultimately must be fought
in solitude?

No wonder we fill our time with so many distractions.
No wonder peace seems like a far off dream.

Today, I choose peace.
beginning with myself,
and the internal wars that are waged
as the habitual self resists
the awakening of consciousness
as it blossoms into fullness,
as this blossoming stirs anxiety, resistance
as this blossoming calls to it more beauty…

peace is something I choose
as I feel the pressure mounting
and yet I do not react with anger or impatience.
instead I stop, look around, take a deep breath,
and choose what I will think or do or say.
peace is that simple
peace is that demanding of our strength

in small ways
every moment,
this moment
is my chance to experience the peace
I want to see in the world.

If you want it,
reach for it,
but not outside of yourself.
Reach inwards,
and find the wounded one
and the healer
dancing together
waiting for you to see,
waiting for you to remember.

2 responses »

  1. I love, “Reach inwards,
    and find the wounded one
    and the healer
    dancing together
    waiting for you to see,
    waiting for you to remember.”
    What a wonderful vision, a wonderful truth!

    • I’m so glad it resonates with you Willow. We are all mirrors of each other…if I say something that strikes a chord in you, it’s because the music was already there within you, and you could recognize it when you heard it.

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