The Greatest Gift


Continuing with our thought from yesterday about offering true gifts this holiday season…

What is it that you want from the world around you,
from your friends, neighbors, colleagues, loved ones?

What do you want from this life?
Do you want transitory trinkets,
little trifles that will end up in the landfill
of missed opportunities for real connection?

As you identify what is meaningful for you,
as you tune into your own offerings
and share them generously with others,
you have the space to receive the offerings of others.

When you are open like this,
every moment is a gift,
even moments of challenge,
especially moments of challenge.

But watch out for expectations.
Love isn’t contained in a perfectly wrapped box,
all pink and red and sparkly with a satin bow…

Sometimes love shows up in the most unlikely disguise,
an impossible combination
of loss, sadness, loneliness, frustration–
the birthing pains
before the light dawns.

But then all at once the whole world is blessed
by the rising sun in your own eyes
reflecting hope,  great love
without limits,
the salvation of your own awakening,
the greatest gift to offer and receive.

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  1. Hi, Lorien. I took a break at the last minute. Just wanted to let you know I would still like to do this with you..My mentor suggested this right now so I kind of just jumped. Not writing either. It’s a little weird. ♡

    • Wow, that’s pretty big stuff. Enjoy the break, and enjoying coming back when you’re ready. I’m going to wait until the New Year…and I’d love to take a break with you when we find a good time. ❤ ❤ ❤

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