The Real Learning Begins


The last day of advanced yoga teacher training
came and went.
One weekend a month
for nine whole months
felt like such a commitment
at the beginning,
but today it was over, just like that.
While a fair grouping
of my fellow trainees
blew it up on social media,
posting digital collages of their certificates,
moments from today,
cheesy poses and big smiles…
I just hugged a few friends and walked away.
I didn’t feel a need to say,
“Look!  Look at me!  Look at this!”
My inner celebration was enough for me,
and I sat with it on the drive back home,
thinking, Yay! I did it! It’s over.
My husband, mom and sister
had baked eleven dozen ginger cookies;
the house smelled like heaven.
My kids were watching a Christmas movie.
There was no red carpet rolled out for my arrival
as a certified advanced yoga teacher
but I didn’t want a red carpet–
I just wanted to gather my children up
and tell them how happy I was to see them.
I won’t take a picture of my certificate;
it is a piece of paper.
It means nothing, really.
The training is over,
now the real learning begins
as I leave the safe confines of
our classroom
and live the yoga I have learned.

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