The Gift of Presence


It is the inturning,
the time of year
when much of nature
(in the northern hemisphere)
is hunkering down,
what is to come.

It is the holiday season,
the time of year
when we have extra responsibilities
social obligations
forced extroversion
calling us outside of ourselves.

It is flu season.
The time of year
when everyone’s immune system says,
I can’t take all this running around.
You need to rest!

If we could take our cue from Nature,
go inwards,
hunker down,
become still,
and just wait…

We might discover
that all of the running
we do this time of year
searching for that perfect gift
detracts from the ultimate gift
of our presence.

4 responses »

  1. Perfect thoughts for a time when the Sun is in Sagittarius, one expression of which is seeking out a wide variety of experiences and another is the search for wisdom and the meaning of life!

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