True Abundance


If you give a pile of money
to a dying person
in their last moments,
what good will it do them?

Give a baby
a stack of gold coins
and it will delight
in throwing them,
the sound they make
as they clatter to the floor.

Hand a hungry animal
a blank check,
it will chew it up
hoping for nourishment.

No, it’s not the money
that makes us abundant

Sit with the person
on their deathbed,
take their hand,
look into their eyes,
breathe with them,

Your loving attention
focused solely on them
will show them
the way to heaven.

Hold the baby close,
let it hear your heart,
let it feel your warmth.
It knows how precious it is
because of the quality of your presence.

Give nourishment
to the hungry animal.
Coax it to eat, to rest.
Watch how the dynamics
between you
how much more willing
it is to experience
a deep sense of connection.

What is real abundance?
Can you feel it
down in your soul?

4 responses »

  1. I love this. I never had stack of gold coins to try the baby thing. I didn’t realize how true this all was until you told me. Oh, I did give my dog a blank check one time… six hundred dollars worth of squeaky chew toys taught me never to do that again!

    • Haha! I can lend you one of my stacks of gold coins if you want to try the experiment out. I don’t have any chew toys though. I have a few leftover baby books that have teeth marks, I guess that’s comparable.

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