In Sickness and in Health


Still sick
I miss singing
The only sounds that come out
are breathy, hoarse, stilted

Body is still tired
There is gunk in my head
I wish someone
would wrap me up
hand me a bowl of hot soup
and say, “Just sit there. Rest. Do nothing.”

But I am mother,
and there are children to be fed,
laundry to be done,
dishes to be washed.

So what can I do
besides surrender to this moment
Surrender to what is,
surrender to my body in this state?

My resistance to the illness
will not help,
but a deep breath will.
Acknowledgement of reality will help also.
Feeling grateful for the smallest things too.

So I will surrender to my body,
take a deep breath,
feel gratitude.

And in this way
I’ll be content
with whatever arises,
in sickness and in health.

2 responses »

  1. Dear Lorien, I am handing you a cozy blanket in which to wrap yourself. I am handing you a bowl of fragrant, warm homemade soup. Now, just sit there. Rest. Do nothing…breath in, breath out. xo

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