Creating the Space for Being


Do you know the value of relaxation?

My experience has been
that we all have a good idea
about the importance of relaxation
but very few of us actually take the time
to do it.

Would you take the time to relax
if you knew that your life
depended on it?

Because it does.

you might say,
My life depending on relaxation?

But it does,
really it does.

Many of us have become
so accustomed to stress
that we have accepted it as the norm.

Because the feelings associated with
stress feel normal, we don’t question them.

We don’t question the tension in the body,
the increased heart rate
the adrenalin coursing through our blood
our compromised immune systems
digestive systems, nervous systems
reproductive systems,
systems of respiration,

It is time to question it NOW.
Not tomorrow when you have
more time to think about it,
nor the next day when you’ve had more sleep
or eaten a healthier meal
Nor next week when you’ve gone jogging
a few times
nor a year from now when you’ve
landed a more lucrative job.

No, the time to question it is NOW.
There is something you can do
about all of the accumulated stress.
There is something you can do
NOW, today, to restore your body
to a state of harmony and balance.

Take a moment for yourself.
Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing–
choose clothes that feel like pajamas,
nothing tight or restrictive–
let your body have space for your breath.

Turn off your phone.
Close your door.
Ask that no one disturbs you for at least a few minutes.
(Moms, Dads, and other caregivers,
you  might have to wait until your charges are asleep,
but it’s worth the wait.)

Roll up a towel
and place it under your neck
so that it is gently supported.

Roll up a blanket
and place it under your knees.

Now set your timer for ten or fifteen minutes.

Lie down, supported at your neck and knees,
put something over your eyes.

An eye pillow perhaps,
or a towel,
or a sock,
something to bathe your eyes in darkness,

and just be.
Focus on your breath,
call your awareness back to yourself
if your mind wanders.

Trust in your body’s
amazing capacity to heal itself.
Notice how your heart rate decreases.
Feel the warmth in your body,
the waves of calm washing over you.
Feel the tension melting away,
creating the space for being.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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