This Can Be Enough


and my body says,
Hey woman, get in bed already.

But I have this writing practice,
and I want to allow the words to come.

I wait for something beautiful,
inspiring, meaningful.

I wait for some kind of amazing insight,
some wisdom from beyond.

But it’s late,
and I’m tired,
and my body is telling to get in bed.

Maybe there is something profound
in this listening to my body.
Maybe I don’t have to make these words
better than they already are.

Maybe for once this can be enough.

11 responses »

  1. Sometimes I just remember my words from before…
    And so it is, after countless years of searching for some kind of sign – that I really am enough.
    We are enough….
    words or no words…
    Finally I realized, too, that it is not so much the words.. but what is behind them.. I felt this in your simple expression. ❤

  2. Lorien, I can definitely relate to this…and am grateful both for your honesty and for your acceptance and gentleness in your poem. Grateful, too, for Laurie’s compassionate comment. as well. Namaste….

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