All is Well


I have made it a point
to not watch too much TV,
especially the tense, violent sort
of programs
that leave my system flooded with adrenalin

But tonight I was fished in.
My husband was watching Homeland
and I got fished in.
I sat there for two and a half hours
watching scenes of violence, fear,
tension, sadness, trickery.

And now I feel kind of awful.

Hopefully I can return my awareness to my breath.
Hopefully I can summon scenes of kindness, courage,
relaxation, joy, honesty.

Maybe I should go back
to not watching TV.
I don’t want my head filled with violence,
and somehow it sells better than almost anything.

Breathe now.

The being in me smiles and knows that all is well.

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  1. Yes, Homeland! I was briefly seduced by that show and watched maybe three episodes on Netflix: I really like the star, Damien Lewis, the show was really well-written and captivating, etc. But then I realized I felt depressed and somewhat paranoid afterwards and had to work at pulling my mood back up, so bye-bye Damien and Homeland. Thanks for pointing out how powerfully these shows affect us!

    • Ah, so you know exactly what I was talking about. Yes, and I felt to go back for more tonight, but I resisted and came upstairs to my little room and wrote instead. As I sat in meditation this morning, mind perturbed by the images I saw last night during the show, I remembered very clearly why I don’t watch shows like Homeland very often. The images stay with me long after the TV is turned off. They might be there forever, so I want to be discriminating about what I allow in. I want to focus on the beauty in this world, the love, the peace, the generosity, the kindness. It’s hard to believe that those qualities even exist when I’m watching scenes of terrible violence and betrayal. Ah well, I guess I needed to refresh my memory and return to my original resolve. Big hugs to you Willow! ❤

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