Fortunate Indeed


My mind swirls with many thoughts.
It has been a long day
and we are in the thick of packing
for our move a week from tomorrow.

Tension is running high
my husband and I argued tonight
and it upset the children.
I spent a while reassuring them
Everything is okay.
Mama and Daddy are grumpy because we’re tired.
This isn’t your fault.
We love you very much.
Everything is okay.

Hugs and cuddles to show them
that what I’m saying is true.
Everything is okay.

Then, more work,
dinner, wrangling the children
into bath and bed.

It struck me
that these moments
that I have perceived as rife with struggle
are precious gifts
that many have not the resources to enjoy.

We have a house.
We are moving to a new one that better suits our needs.
I have a husband.
We have food to eat for dinner.
We have warm running water,
clean towels and bedsheets,
a warm house that shields us from the
winter’s chilly sting.

I have so much,
so much
to be grateful for

I am very fortunate.
I am very fortunate indeed.

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  1. I had to do some reassuring recently too. Then I always reassure myself too… that sometimes it is just like this. I can still be more than this.. and still in these difficult situations. I had to remember that I don’t have to sort these things all out with my husband. Even my blog and projects.. not sure where they are all at, but it’s okay. 🙂

    • Thank you, yes. My mother shared her wisdom saying that the things we’re arguing about now, all of these “problems” that we’ve created, will disappear by themselves as soon as the move is over. I would like to not get so charged when I find myself in an argument with my husband; I would like to remember to slow down, breathe, listen. And then I remind myself that if I could’ve done better I would’ve, and I can offer myself compassion and understanding in spite of my disappointment. And finally the disappointment melts away, and there is more space cleared in me to be with what is, to be present.

      • Yes. It’s kind of strange recently, I am able to see when we have an argument — that that is not really who we are.. just parts going against each other.. and those little parts could go at it forever.. so I am able to stop even though things aren’t resolved. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before. ❤

      • Such an interesting and lucid way of looking at it…”just parts going against each other..and those little parts could go at it forever…” Yes…and what happens is my identity becomes so fused with that part that I temporarily blind myself to all of the other parts of me. Seeing a therapist for three years has helped me so much to see how much more of me there is, and I’m so grateful to have this experience of tuning into all of these different parts–and liking them!

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