Patience Now


As my mind grows frantic
with thoughts of moving,
of having too much stuff,
of needing to get more done…

The wise voice in me says,
Patience now.
Did the little acorn
sprout into a mighty oak over night?

Did the river water
transform the rock,
carving it down to a canyon
in the span of a week?

Did the tiny embryo
become an adult
after one month of gestation?

Did the wise old grandmother
gain her wisdom in one year?

Do not be so stuck on time
and the measurement of time–
It is fleeting, impermanent.

root down even further into being.
Find your true stability,
not in the fickle clutches
of seconds, hours and minutes–

But in this one breath,
the breath of peace,
the breath of being.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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