The Infinite Space of I AM


In just five days we move to our new house across town.  With four nights left here in my little meditation room, I’m thinking about the idea of letting go of the old to welcome the new.  There is no little spot at the new house where I can close the door and just be on my cushion–at least not yet.  I’m grieving this little space even as I sit within its protective walls.  It takes courage to leave behind the familiar and embrace the unknown, but in that space of uncertainty, there is room for the most wonderful experiences to blossom and grow.  Who knows where I will put my cushion in the new house?  Does the where matter?  How about the why?  I sit to awaken for the benefit of all beings.  With this thought in mind, anywhere I sit becomes a sacred place.  It’s time to let go of ideas of where, and embrace the I am.


I take a step toward what I don’t know
and a part of me shivers.
This is the part that needs reassurance,
that wants to cling to something stable and sure.

But what in life is sure?
What can we be certain of
in a universe
where the only constant is change?
I can’t even be sure of my next breath,
so I enjoy this one I have right now,
this life that is mine right now.

As I breathe,
ideas of space, time,
and physical phenomena
melt away.

The illusion is pierced,
the neediness recedes,
the hows and whys and
for how longs
disappear into the great ocean
of my being
and I am left
floating in the infinite space of

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  1. So true that “the only constant is change.” I’ve had two situations in my life in the last few weeks that have changed several times, leaving me reeling–never hurts to be reminded that anything can change at any time!

    • “Knowing that everything changes overnight, I praise the breaking of promises. What love wants, it gets–not next year, but now.” –Rumi

      I love this quote–the reminder that everything changes quickly, the reminder that the essence is happening now. I hope that we can stay true to our innermost self in the midst of the changes. Big hugs to you Willow.

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