Because it is Me


On the eve of our move
I’m tired yet awake
My body is feeling sore
from the work I’ve done
carrying boxes,
walking in circles from room to room.

I sit one last time in my little meditation room,
thinking about the wisdom in letting go now
How if we embrace letting go
of big things and small,
when it comes time for the ultimate letting go,
it will feel safe and natural.

Maybe it’s because
I’m tired beyond words
but I don’t feel at all sad
about leaving my little room.
I thought I would  feel really sad this last night,
but I don’t.

I feel peaceful,
knowing that my time here was a great gift
from the universe,
time to come back home to myself
to rediscover my love of writing and being.

The love is within me,
it is within my heart,
so although I love the
womblike closeness of these walls,
painted a deep shade of plum
with a subtle sheen of a golden kiss–

I know that when I leave here,
I won’t leave the love behind.
This comes with me,
because it is within me,
because it is me.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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