Still Looking


Still looking.
I moved my cushion to a spot in my bedroom today,
but it didn’t feel quite right,
the curtains slung over their rods
so they wouldn’t brush against me
as I sat.
It just didn’t feel quite right,
with the window ledge
poking the back of my neck.
And then there was the cat
who with the precision of a Swiss watch
began his caterwauling the minute I sat,
the second I closed my eyes in meditation.
I tell myself to let go, to adapt,
but it has only been 10 days since the move
and I still miss having my own space.
I tell myself
If I can adapt,
if I can keep good humor
and gracefully let go of the past,
I’ll come out stronger than
I ever knew I could be.

4 responses »

  1. “…if I can keep good humor
    and gracefully let go of the past…” ‘Think I will follow your wise and lovely lead! Both your grace and your humor shine through in this poem: meditation mixed with caterwauling :). Namaste….

    • Thanks Chloe…meditation mixed with caterwauling pretty much sums up my life with two young children, a husband, and an elderly cat! Thank you for reading, friend–it means a lot. ❤

  2. Beautiful reflection, Lorien. I’m thinking of you as you find a place for meditation in your new home. I’m also struck by the constancy of your practice during this time of flux. You are very inspiring!

    • Thanks Melissa…my practice holds it all together when everything else is falling apart. At this point I don’t have to make myself attend to my practice; it calls to me and I answer. How could I not answer such a call? ❤

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