Communal Meditation Space is Taking Shape


The communal meditation space
had begun to take shape–
a clean white rug,
a few inspirational objects,
my cushion
plus another cushion
I had purchased and used
before I acquired my current one.

My daughter liked the idea
of a meditation space.
She brought some of her favorite toys:
a winged pegasus, a winged pig,
a few stones, a sparkly puff ball with eyes.
I hung my Tibetan prayer flags in the window
and allowed her
to take some of my crystals down
to hold and observe.

She sat on my cushion,
and deeply absorbed
in her magical world
she quietly arranged affirmation cards,
a peacock feather,
a singing bowl.

Yes, I thought,
this meditation space is taking shape.

Then, while I was making a snack
for myself and the kids,
my daughter peed her pants
right on my meditation cushion.

She came out and let me know about it,
and ran to change her pants.

I am not the woman I once was.
That woman would’ve screamed in frustration,
stomped, yelled,
felt resentful,
felt betrayed.
But I am not that woman anymore.

Thanks to my practice,
I saw a child who had forgotten herself,
and a cushion that needed to be cleaned.

I stripped the cover off of the cushion,
put it in the wash with her pee pants,
washed my hands,
went back to making the snack.

Yes, the communal meditation space
is really taking shape.

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