Showing Up


I look inside my sleepy mind
to search for what I came here to say

There is nothing to say,
there is just this feeling of being tired.

I listen to my body.
It is tired too,
and it longs to be horizontal.
I will put it to bed soon.

Before then
I will summon the courage to sit
if only for a few minutes.

It might not seem like much,
to sit for a few minutes
at the end the day,
closing my eyes,
paying attention to what happens…

But I can assure you
that the hardest part of the practice
is simply showing up,
and showing up is a big deal.

So humbly,
tired mind, tired body,
we show up here, now,
to sit and remember
that this moment is all there is.

4 responses »

    • And thank you Chloe! Most of the time showing up isn’t so challenging, as I suspect it must be for you when it’s time to dance. But there are definitely times when showing up takes every last ounce of effort, as I’m sure you also know. It’s a dance of balance and energy, motivation and willpower.

    • Diahann, thank you for your kind comment. Yes, once you get there, the practice can unfold as it is…but getting yourself there, that can be the challenge. And this goes for anything, I think–whether you’re a runner, a writer, a musician, a dancer, a meditator–consecrating the time and actually following through can be the toughest part. Luckily we can tap into the collective energy of those who show up, like we could catch a current in the ocean and flow along with it. Still experimenting with how to do that. ❤

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