Choose What Works


At the end of the day
Giving a child a bath
Husband arrived home,
walked in
And scolded me
For not shoveling our sidewalk
After the snow today.

“We’re the only ones who haven’t shoveled.

“It’s our responsibility!”

I felt immediately defensive
After the tough day I’d had
And I started to react
With a loud voice
and a fast-paced mind.
It’s hard to talk oneself
off the ledge;
anger has such a seductive quality.

Now I have to find
some way to iron things out
And I really don’t feel
like apologizing.
Marriage can be
a source of great growth
but also of intense frustration.

Now I have to look inside my mind,
remember what works
and what doesn’t
to smooth the sometimes bumpy path of life partnership…
And choose what works.

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