More Meditation Corner Musings


Our cat woke me up last night
peeing directly on the carpet
in my meditation corner.
Instead of a repeat performance
of urinating copiously
on my cushions and blankets,
he peed on the carpet.

I was on to his game and
had put my stuff up high
after sitting for the night.
I didn’t have to be told twice.

And there I found myself with paper towels and
pet odor eliminator spray
blotting the carpet at 4:25 am,
fun times.

Meditation corner officially defunct,
I hold to the thought that it doesn’t matter where I sit,
but it sure is hard to find a place of my own
when everywhere I look
is a common area,
a place I share with someone else.

I can’t resurrect the old corner,
there’s a littler box there.
Just imagine it.
This place in which I was sitting
nearly  every day
since February 1
is now the home of the box
holding kitty pee and poo.


Is it time to approach my meditation differently?
Should I even attempt to have a designated spot?
These questions and more
will be asked repeatedly
as I adapt to this new life.

Who will give me the answers?
I listen, and all there is
is silence.

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  1. I see the beauty in having a specific area designated just for my meditation. But that’s not do-able in our apartment. Right now, I have my cushion in the office — in between the desks, facing the window. I have been thinking about creating a tiny little alter, one that’s portable, because it would be really nice to have that special focus. Good luck on getting yours set up. I can imagine how unsettling it is to make the move and then not have your space worked out.

    • You get it Elysha, thank you! It is unsettling, and I’m trying to adapt, but the growing pains are rough. Good for you to have a space even if it isn’t the ideal we might dream of when we think of a special place for meditation. I’m just trying to keep up with my practice in spite of it all. That alone has been so challenging in a way I hadn’t anticipated.

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