This Moment is for Being


more phone poetry

Still no wifi.

The router hasn’t arrived,
but now that I mention it,
have I?

Have I arrived in this moment,
looked around,
there is no other moment but now?

I can’t expect myself
to abide in such bliss always
Life has ways of pulling me from center
But noticing this
I need not grow bitter
when my mind says
Things should be better.”

When I arrive in my center
I can see
I am not my mind
or these thoughts
or these things–

I can see,
when I strip away my story,
that I am just me
and this moment is just for being.

7 responses »

    • Thank you mama! And thank you for understanding…I don’t do the awards because I barely have time to post as it is. I”m flattered by your gesture though, and touched by your presence here. Thank you so much.

      • I truly understand and thank you for your kind words… I know exactly what you mean when you say there is no time… You’re so welcome and thank you again sending much love.

  1. Beautifully, poignantly, wonderfully well written. You dangled me over the edge of the Universe and every direction was UP.

    Ron — Haiku

    • Thank you Ron. 🙂 Dangling over the edge of the Universe sounds like a pretty exciting place to be. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your Haiku blog and am looking forward to reading your work!

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