The Greatest Triumph


On the busy highway today,
so many cars swerving here and there
in an intricate, dangerous dance,
everyone in a hurry,
scurrying about,
and I had this thought:

We are all kings and queens
sitting on gorgeous golden thrones
with all of the power of the universe
right at our fingertips
But in our mind’s projection
we forget our majesty.

Although we have all the wealth
of the universe right there in our reach,
we believe our terrible visions
of poverty and lack.

Perceiving ourselves to be
living in misery,
we are blind to the truth of ourselves,
kings and queens that we are.

This forgetting is the greatest tragedy.

And remembering our divinity is the greatest triumph.

2 responses »

    • Yes, and for me it varies from day to day. Some days I can clearly see how fortunate I am, how much I have. Others I get caught up in the story about wanting, about lack…and I forget who I really am. I suspect this is part and parcel of being human. Thanks for reading, friend–and for taking the time to comment!

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