Choose the Reflection of the Purest Self


For what?
What is it that I think I want in order to be happy?
And can I look at that wanting,
and watch how it melts into more wanting?
Can I watch the anger,
and witness it fueling more anger?
Peace flowing into more peace?
Love blossoming into more love?
Joy dawning upon fathomless joy?

Whatever we give our attention to
fully and without pause,
this is what we become.

Let us awaken to our patterns,
let us choose where we send our thoughts.
The world waits for us to know it.
The universe is hushed, ready for us to see it.
Our shining self glows brightly,
let us open our eyes.
Let us see the mirrors all around us,
and choose the reflection of our purest self.

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  1. This makes me think of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I recently heard my 5 year old say “I’m so cross with myself because….” and I realised I say that a lot. I now say it a lot less and have started trying to say “I’m happy that I ….” Children are such a powerful mirror. xx

    • Isn’t that the truth! What a good idea to think about the happy things…it takes some serious awareness though…metacognition, and then conscious choice about what comes out of the old pie hole. That’s one of the most challenging things ever! ❤

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