Kite Flying Reprise


Whoever knew
that watching a kite as it flew
could be so therapeutic?

But there it was,
our rescued kite,
500 feet of new line,
a twenty foot long rainbow tail for balance,
some brisk gusts of wind.

After the somewhat traumatizing experience
a couple of weeks ago,
the disappointment at the lack of offered help
the sadness of losing the kite
and the time spent retrieving it from the tree,

it felt so durned good
to fly it up high again.

3 responses »

  1. I love kite-flying, I can imagine this would be even more so when that kite was once thought lost. Regaining something that we thought we had had to give up on is unlike any other joy. I love the thought of you exhilarated as you watch the dips and whirls of your kite.

    • Thank you Theresa, and you are so right. It was incredibly satisfying seeing that kite soar again after having been prisoner of some gnarled tree branches. The hard part was reeling it in…500 feet of line ends up being a lot when you’re winding it around a spool that’s only three inches in diameter! 🙂 ❤

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