NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 3: Help Me Out


Ladies, help me out.
Do you get mood swings too?
Do you feel enraged
for no particular reason,
and even if the sun is shining,
do you feel darkness too?
I want to know what will help.
I meditate, I breathe,
I keep myself busy with housework.
I try to give my kids my full attention,
but the monster can sweep it all away,
and all that is left is my anger.
Help me out.
Who knows how to stop the rage?
Who can pull themselves back from the edge?
Help me out.
How do you deal with your anger?

3 responses »

  1. I used to pride myself on being a person who never got angry. I would never have believed how I could be so tested by young children, tiredness, being pulled in so many different directions, grief etc etc. I get SO angry sometimes now and I can flip so quickly. I try to take myself out of the situation, imagine that I am observing myself, give myself a little talking-to then try again more calmly. Sometimes it helps….

    • The most helpful thing I think would be to get more rest. I notice my grumpiness is inversely proportional to the amount of sleep I get…more sleep, less grumpy, less sleep more grumpy. I have so much less patience when I haven’t gotten enough rest. I owe it to my kids to get more rest; I feel like I’ve been just awful lately and it would be the best for everyone if I got to bed earlier. But it’s tough, because it’s at night when I can pursue my creative endeavors. It’s impossible to concentrate on my writing when they’re running about the house making mayhem.

    • Ah, isn’t it so hard to catch yourself before the flames ignite? It has helped me to recognize that it’s okay to get angry, even though we are telling ourselves we shouldn’t. I also wish I could find someone to watch my kids so that I can run really really fast for about 5-10 minutes. That would help!

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