Spirit Be


Read this as a long cycle of the breath…full of life and beauty and music…and SOUL.

Journeying Soul


spiritual tree

Spirit of Light, be the vessel in which I sail through the storm; be the light house that guides my way; be the hearth that warms my bones, soaked by the rains of life.

Be, Spirt of Inspiration, the cool water in my desert; the comforting shade over my head; the little flower growing in the crack of the stone, showing me that with you, anything is possible.

Be, Spirt of Love, the golden silence that brings me into the peace; the little bird’s song that gifts me hope; the teenage cheerleader in my ear, encouraging me to go, get up, move on.

Be, Spirt of Life, the caring hand over my feverish forehead; the warm bread that nourishes me after a hungry day; the sun breaking through the clouds, stopping my heart in awe, reminding me that I live in a magical, wonderful world, full of beauty and…

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