NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 7: Our Real Worth


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt invites us to write about money:

It could be about not having enough, having too much (a nice kind of problem to have), the smell, or feel, or sensory aspects of money. It could also just be a poem about how we decide what has value or worth.

Hmmm…money.  I guess I’ll just take a deep breath and see what happens.


They say it doesn’t buy happiness,
but if you don’t have any,
you probably won’t be very happy.

It has been called the root of evil,
but many have used it for good,
building schools, hospitals,
or a simple sandwich
for the man on the street.

Some among us have let
the most precious moments
slip by
in pursuit of it,
only to discover at the end
that they cannot take it with them
where they’re going.

Some are born into so much of it
that they are hard-pressed to appreciate it
as someone born in the tropics
and having never known the cold
can’t really appreciate
the sweet warmth of the ocean breeze–
always there, enveloping them.

It is energy,
like wind, rain, and sun.
It can flow like a stream,
it can freeze like ice.

It can be used to create great things
but of itself is worth nothing.
A starving man reaches for bread, not gold;
poor Midas was mighty regretful
when he realized what he’d done.

Let’s make peace with it
however much of it we have,
or don’t have.

And above all,
let us remember that our real worth
comes from within.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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