NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 8: But Then Again…


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages us to try out a palinode, which is a poem retracting a sentiment expressed in a previously written poem.  I went back into some of my posts and didn’t feel inspired to take back anything I had written there, mostly because I write my poems in celebration of what is good in us, the world, the universe…and I stand behind that celebration 100%. But this idea of disavowing previous statements got me to thinking about how different my views are now from what I held to be true in my adolescence and young adulthood.   I remember being very opinionated but inexperienced, self-righteous yet very self-conscious, wanting connection yet holding everyone around me to impossibly high standards that blinded me to the good I already had. What would I recant today in response to what I said back then?  If I could send a wise fairy godmother into the past to give my younger self some advice–so that I would have less to retract today–it would have to be something like this:

Dear One,
Just sit.
Sit and open your eyes and ears.
The words you speak today
may hold no truth for you tomorrow.
So be quiet now,
quiet, open, and curious.

When you attempt
to convince someone
that your opinion
is the “correct” one,
how can you possibly
have the space in your mind
to know the other person
as they are?

With nothing to prove,
or change,
or fix,
who would you be?
What would this life be?

Dear One,
Just sit and breathe.
This is all you need to know.
Just sit and breathe.

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    • Thank you Theresa…we cringe together, and we celebrate together the understanding that we don’t have to know everything, and we don’t have to let the whole world know what we know! ❤

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