NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 16: Terzanelle Hell


Today’s prompt at explains what a terzanelle is and invites us to give it a try.  I was intrigued by the idea of repeated phrases and sticking to the same meter, and I was especially entranced by the second example because of my affinity for all things nature…but it is 11:05 PM, and the terzanelle is not happening tonight.  Sigh. Maybe someday.


I’d like to write a terzanelle,
but well…
I tried to potty train a three year old today,
and what the hey…
triplets and quatrains and
and rhyme patterns and such
don’t mean as much
when I’m just plain tired.

But the terzanelle,
ah, it puts me in hell…
the idea of it haunts me
and perhaps one day
I’ll be feeling jaunty
and go for it.

Until then,
the poetry I share
is a silly cross I bear,
some free-form verse
and even if it’s the worst
you’ve ever read,
it’s mine and I’ll own it
and be happy instead
of moaning
and wishing it were something
that it isn’t.

you can go to hell.

(And I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

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  1. I like your attitude! 🙂 So apparently it’s national poetry month, something I was completely oblivious to. Thanks for the heads up, maybe I’ll join in, hopelessly behind of schedule. ^^

    • I’d love to see your participation! You could just keep going into May, and make it your personal PoWriMo…Milena’s Poetry Writing Month…MiPoWriMo. It makes a nice tag, you gotta admit. ❤ 😉

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