NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 20: What I Know


The prompt for today over at asked us to write a poem based on what we know.  That gets heady for me.  How much do I know, how much do I think I know, and how will my not knowing hinder my growth?  I think I’ll stick to the basics.  Anything complex right now might fry my poor tired brain.

I know that I am a woman;
but is that true?
Yes, of course yes,
I gave birth to two children.
But does that make a woman?

I know that I am tired.
I know that when tired
the best thing one can do is rest.
I know that I want to finish this blog post
and I want it to make sense.

As my eyes struggle to stay open
the chances of my being understood
diminish quickly.
I know they are open now:
I’m staring at the screen.
Is it time to shake my head and go?

And what else do I know,
and what else do I not know?

2 responses »

    • Thanks Chloe. I appreciate you seeing something profound in what I write. It takes a deep person to appreciate depth, a beautiful person to appreciate beauty, and artist to appreciate art…I could go on forever. I appreciate YOU!

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