NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 22: Forest Longing


The forest has been calling me
and my heart answers
but my hands keep doing laundry
and my feet are pacing
back and forth across the wood floors
as I vacuum.

The forest has been calling me
but I have not been able to answer.

And this is why I am crying.


Today over at we are invited to write a pastoral.  From what I’ve gathered it’s an ancient form of poetry and calls our attention to nature, landscapes, and human interactions that unfold there.

I love nature, and a part of me feels displaced, confined, oppressed even if I have been separated from the natural world for any length of time.  This past week my husband and children were ill, and I didn’t have the freedom to run out into the woods the way I would have done if everyone had been well and adhering to their normal routine.  In short, I was feeling pretty miserable inwardly with all of the neediness and no free time.  I tried to capture this feeling somehow in my poem today, even though feelings are slippery and don’t want to be captured.

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  1. This one really resonated with me, Lorien. You’ve vividly evoked the magical pull of nature and the struggle to heed its call in the face of worldly or day to day demands. Lovely and wistful. Hope everyone’s feeling better and that you are running wild and free….xo

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