Sunset First Aid


Inside I wanted to scream
but on the outside I remained calm
as I spoke in soothing tones
to my boy whose finger was gushing blood.

Instead of going to sleep right away
after I tucked him in for the night
he got out of bed and
managed to pinch his pinky finger tip
in the folding door of his closet

cries of pain
sent me running upstairs

finger tip blue and awful looking,
split skin
blood on his other hand
blood on his pajamas,
now blood on me,
and I couldn’t see…

two friends who had come over for dinner
were downstairs helping us to install a light fixture
and of course
lights were out while working on the wiring

so we stepped outside in the sunset
and I administered first aid in the dying light
mother, healer, soother,
I managed to remain calm
even though inside I wanted to scream

2 responses »

  1. Owww! Well done you! How awful for you to hear the pain and know there was blood but not be able to fully see the damage. How wonderful to be present, to be calm, to reassure and to mend. All that your little boy needed, he received from you. x

    • You are just so sweet. I tried my best. It hurts to see them hurting. And when they’re so young and they don’t understand it’s doubly awful. Ah, motherhood, walking around forever with our hearts outside our bodies.

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