Practice Makes Perfect


Never underestimate the power
of standing in your center and
–instead of unconsciously reacting–
choosing your response
when faced with a challenge.

Even the smallest
irritations, vexations,
and disappointments
are great teachers.

The traffic jam,
the cranky child,
the burnt toast,
the biting fly
have been sent
to bring you home to your truth.

Learning how to be
with minor inconveniences
we teach ourselves
how to bear with great adversity.

Day by day,
let life train you in the great art
of peace amidst chaos.

Practice makes perfect.

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      • Good! Still working hard on the book. I’m cat sitting for a friend in New York right now, and then will go up to CT to be with Tim while he finishes out the school year. Have been loving your posts, as always.

      • Awesome, sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy with writing, traveling and cats. 😀 Thanks for your kind words, Melissa! 🙂 ❤

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