Profound Self-Knowing


I am hungry to know the truth about myself,
so I look at the anger,
the disappointment,
the depression,
the fear,
the frustration,
the grief,
the pettiness,
the resentment,
the resistance,
the reactivity.

Each of these is a friend in disguise,
pointing the way back home to myself.
If they were not ever there,
how would I know how to find
the peace,
the joy,
the compassion
and the tenderness
of my unbroken heart?

I will not try to deny
these feelings,
nor will I try to smooth them over.
They are there for me as allies,
and I will take their hand
and accompany them
to the other side
of profound self-knowing.

2 responses »

  1. Oh, I just looooove this!! 🙂 We can have many emotions at the same time, and it is okay. Yesterday I woke up feeling little lost and frustrated, but I felt happiness inside too. The weather was cloudy, rainy, blue sky and sun at the same time, and then a rainbow appeared, and it was like the soul building a beautiful bridge of love between the emotions 🙂

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